Load ink cartridge in samsung printer

How To load/replace Ink cartridge of Samsung Printer?


In order to print, cartridge is required which is an electronic component that contains ink and it helps to deposit ink onto paper. Ink cartridge is the major part of the printer. If you want to load ink cartridge in Samsung printer, do follow the given steps:

Steps to load/replace ink cartridge of Samsung Printer

  • Step 1: First of all, turn on the printer if it is not already on.

  • Step 2: There is a lid at the top of Samsung printer which you have to pick to access the ink cartridges.

  • Step 3: To load the ink press or the ink cartridge, you have to fill for the same click and then lock that carriage. Do the same for the rest ones as well.

  • Step 4: After that, open the new ink cartridge and take of the protective tape.

  • Step 5: Be ensure that you do not touch the copper area as this may lead to ink leakage, clutter, clogging.

  • Step 6: Sometimes, you observe that the prints are not properly coming out. To sort out this problem, put the cartridge in the ink slot very smoothly. Remember that the colorful cartridge should be on the left side and the black and white cartridge on the right side. You will hear the click sound when the cartridges are on the right position.

  • Step 7: The cartridges will move in the right place automatically, once the tray is closed.

Follow the given steps in order to load ink cartridge in Samsung printer. In case after doing the steps as mentioned you got stuck, feel free to contact Samsung Printer Support Number. Initially you will need to give all the details about your printer as well as ink cartridge. Our experts will ask you to put the details about the product you have a concern with and it give you options what could be the solutions for that.