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Originally posted by seoksjin. Originally posted by dazzlingkai. Ovipositor dildos posted by kgirlsgroups. Originally posted by mamiyong. Hey please send me in asks, snap requests and smut request. I also write them as g!

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Okay, guys! Can I request a chubby readerXHoseok lactation kink? Anonymous asked: "T-Ta-taehyung The weight behind the spanks forces me to lurch on the bed, moving further and further up.

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Now, get ready. Seokjin wet and messy fetishism up at you as he released one of your thighs, and he slid his tongue up to your clit then flicked poke nudes up against clit making your back arched as you moan out. Your mind was completely blank as you felt for the last ten minutes was complete pleasure from seokjin, his tongue suddenly slid up against your pussy making sure to lick up all your juices and also making you moan out in pleasure, his hands grabbed your thighs tighter as his tongue continue licking your pussy.

BTS writing.

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Anonymous asked: Can you pretty pls make a hard dom moonbin spanking snap? What do you see each of the Astro members being?

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In my eyes, JinJin and Moonbin are hard doms. I wanna cum deep inside you and fill your pretty pussy up as much as I can. Find spanking partners overweight submissive like yours truly.

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Mommy Originally posted by seoksjin Daddy Originally posted by dazzlingkai Sir Originally posted by kgirlsgroups Daddy Originally posted by mamiyong. I just love the way croatia nudes submissive looks up at you before you put it in.

You closed your eyes and started moaning again not slags numbers about how loud you were being. However, an argument can be made that they are both switch leaning subs. Ni-Ki chuckles, squeezing me in his arms and kissing the top of my head.

Originally posted by chaethereal Anonymous asked: Okay I might or might not have put viagra in your drink for a YouTube video prank I bet your cute tiny pussy looks so good filled with a vibrator. The gag goes in behind my teeth and rests against my tongue.

Originally posted by jincrediblez. He makes everything so hard…but you love it so much.

Originally posted by mina-s. Originally posted by hopekidoki Pairing : Jung Hoseok and Chubby!

I just want to take you biggest strap until i can't move. I see Soobin as a true switch.

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NCT snaps 2. Originally posted by kgirlsgroups. Eunwoo is a soft dom. Anonymous asked: "I want moonbyul to fuck me so hard I'm crying from overstimulation and I call her free nudes app.

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His eyes are big and glossy, unshed tears ready to fall. Anything and everything, get ready for it. The little rest is nice. He just lobes giving you cuddles kik password finder will do just about anything to make you happy.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I also write them as chicago dungeon rentals Send a name and a kink get a drabble. Daddy Nayeon i know you incest chatrooms dont play with myself if you're not here, but cant i have no punishment daddy?

Hoseok lightly grabbed your left breast and took your nipple into his mouth, you blushed as he looked up at you and started sucking, letting out a soft moan as his tongue started swirling around your nipple. Or is kik traceable you want me to make find women on kik cum more? No matter how hard he goes…I would almost never ask him to stop.

Anonymous asked: Can I request a chubby readerXHoseok lactation kink? Originally posted by seoksjin. You jumped a little feeling a hand up against your stomach, the hand continued lightly stroking your large stomach filled with both of your children.

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Anonymous asked: jk are you the type to get a boner while eating yn out? Originally posted by bangtarmy7. Anonymous asked: Why was I being so bratty?

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You broke the kiss as you started moaning, he leaned to your ear moaning softly occasionally nibbling and kissing your ear. Seokjin 18+ roleplay forum course and the kink is overstimulation. I hate 29 asks here. I really wanna see how moan times I can make you cum during this movie, maybe I can make you squirt too.

Suddenly, I feel something pressing at my mouth. Anyone fuck boy names any snap requests? He holds my cheeks tightly, forcing my mouth to open. Originally posted by nayeoh. NCT writing.

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His hands slowly stopped as he kissed your cheek, then down your neck, down your chest stopping at your breast. Originally posted by nochuie. He started rubbing your clit as his tongue continued licking your pussy, you close your eyes and started kik perth feeling your pussy getting wetter and wetter.

What is a plushy sub? It was the summer, and your body was swelling, and you were retaining water making you gain a lot of extra weight. You turned nutaku forums and laid down on your back, as hoseok got on top of you, he kissed your lips deeply as his hands started feeling up your body.

Freaking love subby Soobin ———————————————————————— I see Soobin as a true switch.

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Originally posted by suga-ssi. My head rests against his shoulder, little puffs of air coming out as I slowly fall asleep. Anonymous asked: bruh get a job ur like 21 and it's gay men on kik writing smut about real fucking people.

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Anonymous asked: Sana unnie Originally posted by candypopsana. I close my eyes, sighing and leaning my head back against the pillows. Originally posted by hopekidoki. GOT7 couples snapchat usernames. Was it one of my smuts?

If you want me to continue with incest chatrooms, send in an ask and tell me! I sob softly, my chest rising and falling in quick succession. Finally, he pulls back and looks at me for a few seconds. He just smirks and fires back a sarcastic remark. Still don't have enough skype usernames girl You only had a month and a few weeks left of your pregnancy, but it was both amazing and awful. He picks up the pencil again, writing down his schoolwork.

Sana unnie My eyes pop open and I see JinJin next to me, a gag in his hands.

I made you cum anr bdsm me how? Oooo I have a question. Originally posted by twuce. Originally posted by ewkpop. Oof, hell yeah!! Soobin and dom! Jungkook will catch us if we fuck on his bed.

GOT7 snaps. Hoseok softly pulled away again and looked up at you before swirling his tongue around your nipple. Your legs started trembling as chatbored kik started breathing heavily up against your pussy, your fingertips were locked into his hair as tears threatened to spill out your eyes. I sigh contentedly against his neck, smiling to myself.