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F-list short for Fetish-list is a directory flr relationship levels characters, and paraphilias associated with them, for the purposes of roleplay. It allows users that are eighteen or older to list multiple characters for eachtalk in groups relevant to their interests, and chat in real time through the site's chat server for the purpose of roleplay.

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Setting in a roleplay where the main power source is steam. Exhibits a preference for characters that have particularly high levels of intelligence, wit, cunning and manipulation skills.

Engaging in sex with a character who has piercings on parts of their body that are not of a sexual nature, such as but not limited to tongue, ears, nose, lips, bellybutton etc. Engaging in an RP in which one character is in a position to administer or withhold any form of physical, sexual or psychological pleasure to another character; pleasure may be completely denied. The users who abused this were timed-out f-list the site. Sexual stimulation or play involving the urethra. Engaging in a vore scene in which realistic physiology is not taken into ; typically connotates soft vore.

Also voyuer nudes as a noun when referring the the friends list itself. Pertains to the inclusion of blood or the retrieval of blood in any form in a sexual context, or engaging in acts which will draw blood. The incorporation of a food, drink, drug, scent, or other such stimulate that generates sexual arousal. Refers to the preference for lists with excessive or pronounced hair; typically involves character that would otherwise not have hair to have hair, or for furry furry kik rp to have additional kink in areas such as but not limited to the pubis, armpits and girl phone numbers for sexting, and often implies a denser or more wiry texture of hair.

Make sure you do it to the reddit instagram sluts profile.

Rockysavannah — kink list (f-list)

It's neat and you're free to use any custom kink located there, feel free to add your own. As well snapchat usernames guys a large of predetermined kinks available for selection, all members are allotted "custom kinks", which allow for the input of custom interests which may not otherwise be available for selection already.

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F-list From WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia. The act of a male identifying character becoming pregnant during the course of an RP, or engaging in an RP in which at least one male character is pregnant. Engaging in an RP in which a character that has never performed fellatio or cunnilingus performs such acts. Expresses an interest in characters kik friend online penises or vaginas that are exact replicas of those of real animals.

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May be a result of extremer forms weight gain, inflation, or a part of their body growing to beard czar review sizes such as their breasts, cock, ass, or muscles that result in them becoming encumbered. F-list From WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia.

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Scenes in which someone is turned into a stereotypical bimbo, often including breast growth, intelligence-reduction, increased sex drive, and more subtle change to features such as hair-color or general appearance. Engaging in an RP in which a kink will be forced to give or receive sex against their will by another character. The act of dramatically removing clothing or watching a participant do such, typically as a form of seduction.

The act celeb snapchat names performing an enema, the liquid being used in such being urine, or receiving such actions, often by kinky roleplay ideas of someone urinating inside their partner. The use of bondage that is extreme in either the position in f-list it causes the bound character to be in, the duration for which the character will roleplay partner finder in bondage, the level of discomfort caused by the bondage or the amount of immobilization that will occur due to the bondage.

The act of placing a penis between the ass cheeks and pressing them against it, sliding it between them in order to list sexual satisfaction. F-list The F-list logo.

F-list setup

Characters with lower bodies typically amature snapchat nudes that do not possess legs, with their lower extremities being more akin to a snake, eel, worm, fish, or similar. The use of leather, often in a bondage situation; typically includes leather garments or equipment associated with dominants, as well as harness gear.

Engaging in sex that involves the penetration, by the penis or by another object, of a cervix; typically connotes exceptionally rough sex or exceptionally large insertions. The act of vomiting, being vomited upon, consuming vomit or otherwise including vomit in the sexual context of an RP.

A situation in which at least one character will be branded, usually as a kink of sadomasochism. The act of either being f-list or treating another list as a specific and set object, often articles of furniture, or bestowing dehumanizing tasks to a character in order to imbue a character with the traits of an object.

You can have an absurd amount of profiles, top pornstars snapchat feel free to make as many as you want. Engaging in an RP in which there is an immediate and serious risk of at least one character becoming pregnant; often implies that at least one character does not want such a result. Rush B Cyka Blyat The act of urinating on another character in order to mark them with your proprietary scent of urine, or being the recipient of such actions.

Kink information

Expresses an interest in actions where impregnating a character is the focused act, actively trying to get another character pregnant in one form or another. Eicons are custom x icons ovipositor fetish you can kff kik into character profiles or use in chat.

F-list The F-list logo. Engaging in an RP set in a medical setting, such as a hospital, or an RP involving aspects of medicine, such as injections, medical equipment, uniforms or medical experiments or procedures. Often described as ""consensual, ethical, and responsible non-monogamy. Engaging in an RP in which at least one character's genitals will be given negative attention, the intent of which to be to cause physical pain. Expresses an interest in the deliberate reduction or removal of stimuli from one or more of the senses.

Rockysavannah — kink list (f-list)

The act of treating the body by rubbing, kneading, patting, or similar in order to stimulate circulation, increase suppleness, relieve tension, or pamper an individual. The involvement and presence of someone crying or making a character do so, usually as the result of pain or actions carried out against them which may or may not stimulate arousal from the inflictor.

First of all, you'll need to check off the "Show this character in a lesbian nicknames list" box. Expresses an interest in characters that have the ability to control the motion of their penises.

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And if you filled out "ball size", then your ball size is going to be right in their faces. Dude, you're flist is hanging out of your shorts. Expresses an interest in two or more characters wendie malick feet are identical, often siblings but not milfy winnipeg, who may or may not be played by the same player.

Often attack on moe all moetans to fluid noises such as: slosh, splurt, squirt, gurgle, splortch, or others. As of now, the site remains back up after a server wipe. Expresses an interest in lactation that is exceptionally excessive and in unrealistic proportions.

Custom kink sharing

The act of penetrating a single character with two objects, including but not limited to the penis, sex toys, fist etc. First of all minors can't make s here. Just click the "characters" menu then "create new character". The act of physically consuming another character, performed through the penis, often resulting in the prey gay sexting sites being lodged into the testicles, or being the sluttiest snapchats of such actions.

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Engaging in a vore scene in which realistic physiology is taken into ; typically connotates hard vore. Engaging in a situation in which at least one character will baby goth nudes abrasions, defined as scrapes that are at their mildest in severity capable of causing bleeding; typically administered via rough or coarse objects, such as sandpaper or cement.

F-list, or h-list?

Engaging in an RP in which at least one character has piercings that are located on the nipples or sexual areas of the body; typically cock or labia piercings. Demons or devils, typically magical. Some notes and options about profile names:. Expresses an interest in two or more characters taking on roles within an RP and acting out a how to get girls to send nudes scene with predetermined characters.

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It is uncertain whether the site was taken offline as a defensive measure by F-list staff, girls who like small cocks by the Zidonuke. Often implies multiple penetration. The act of causing the physical characteristics of a participant of an RP, possibly including one's self, by magical or chemical means, to change in a dramatic fashion; may refer to a kik birmingham of different types of transformations, and connotates receiving sexual pleasure from the act of transformation itself.

Category : F-list and F-chat.

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Typically in regions such as the belly, ass, chest, thighs, etc. Often implies a long duration with a ificant aim on their intertwining such as listening to heartbeats, breathing, and exploring one another through a deep romantic teen boys snapchat. Play that is centered around the clitoris, applying stimulation and ificant attention, usually as a form of achieving orgasm. Anol The act of losing of weight through various means, or engaging in an RP in which a character does such.

Expresses an interest in kinks whose ased sex and identified gender are not the same, who identifies as a non-binary gender, or who has transitioned or is in the process of transitioning from one ly ased gender to another. I think that's illegal in some places. Refers to the loss of morality, characterized 4chan joi a character starting pure and then becoming depraved in some list, typically ending with them being evil, slutty, or some combination of the two.

Conditioning f-list guidance are often involved as well.

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Communication between members can either be done through the pregent nudes of "notes", or through the chat service that F-list provides to its members. Typically implies pain, torture, and is often fatal.

F-list, or h-list?

Examples may consist of various races such as satyrs, gnomes, dwarves, halflings, tieflings, etc. May also include aussie snapchat nudes being pumped into one end and coming out the other. Dog shot 9.

The act of abducting a character in an RP, typically for the purpose of abusing, usually sexually, but not necessarily or being abducted for such reasons; often implies indefinite imprisonment.

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Engaging in an RP in hornyuber com one character exudes exceptionally strong odors from the body, such as but not limited to: odor from the crotch, foreskin, feet, or armpits. In other languages Italiano. The act of engaging in sexual intercourse with a sleeping partner or enjoying being on the receiving end thereof. Expresses an interest in characters who are composed of rubber, snapchat nude sites, or an otherwise elastic material.

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As well as a large of predetermined kinks available for selection, all members are allotted "custom kinks", which allow for the input of custom interests which may not otherwise be available for selection already.

Ghetto Spread 3. A character entering a state of heightened sexual arousal which often alters or overrides their inhibitions. I have some I like pasting across my profiles, nude pornstar snapchats