How to Run Dell Computer Hardware Diagnostics

Issues on a PC is not always software related, sometimes it is the hardware that becomes real issue for dell users but they can be solved easily.

By running a hardware diagnostic test you can identify hardware related problems and get troubleshooting steps to help resolve the issue.

To determine if your Dell PC is experiencing a hardware problem, it is suggested that you first run a ‘hardware diagnostic test’ on your PC. You can diagnose your Dell PC using built-in diagnostics.

Follow these steps to diagnose your PC with Built-in diagnostics

  • Step 1: Restart the computer.

  • Step 2: As the computer boots, press F12 when the Dell logo appears this will take you to 'one-time boot menu'.

  • Step 3: When the Boot menu appears, use arrow to select 'Diagnostics' option and press enter. Wait for the '32-bit Dell Diagnostics' screen to load.

  • Step 4: Highlight the "Test System" option and hit Enter. A list will show up with the available diagnostic tools.

  • Step 5: Highlight the tool you want to run, such as Express Test or Extended Test, and hit Enter.

These are the tests you will see on your screen:

Express Test: A quick test of devices in your system. This usually take 10 to 20 minutes. Run this test first to increase the possibility of tracing the problem quickly.

Extended Test: Performs thorough check of devices in the system. This generally takes 1 hour or more and requires you to answer questions periodically.

Custom Test: Tests a specific device or you can customize the tests to be run.

Symptom Tree: This test allows you to selects test according to the symptom of the problem you are facing. Lists the most common symptoms.

If the test fails, make sure to note down the error code and validation code.

We can help you with these error codes to solve the issue, just call at our Toll-Free helpline 1-833-430-6109. Call us anytime we will hear you. Or you can go back to Dell Support to get information about other topics.

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